Worldwide Network of Ascension (WNA)

UPDATE: UOCA's yoga ashrams click here for more info - an ashram is being set up now in Nimbin and near Cairns - if you would like to live in this ashram contact us but first go to the above link.

Your special invitation!

I would like to invite you to join UOCA and help form a WNA in your area. UOCA's programs include improving fitness and losing weight as well as adopting a more positive and compassionate attitude in your life and relationships. Here is an example training course on nutrition and Depression Recovery and 8 Powers to master your mind. See http://depreco.blogspot.com/ and http://8power.blogspot.com/

You may want to attend an UOCA yoga retreat , daily classes or come and stay at the ashram?
If you wish to stay at the ashram click here for more info and application form or email for an application form to be sent to you at info@wna.org.au .
Coming soon daily yoga class, relaxation, meditation, nutrition and UOCA studies classes - see timetable for AUSTRALIA.
If you would like to participate in a raw yoga retreat (recommended donation), you will receive training in UOCA's techniques and yoga. Two day weekend retreat - starting Saturday 9 am to Sunday 5 pm. Optional stay over but must bring own bedding and portable mattress unless prior arrangement has been made. Closest to full moon: Weekend. Click here for more info and application form or email for an application form to be sent to you.

What is WNA for?

The purpose of WNA collectives are to get people together in your local area to:

1. Bring Enlightenment to your local community via holistic system of balanced spiritual awareness through health, yoga, exercise and nutrition and by helping to create the prototype utopia for the planet - Project Eden - so bringing heaven to earth.

A WNA will:
- provide courses and classes to the local community
- educate them in UOCA's system
- be trained in UOCA's yoga
- manage a centre collective
- promote UOCA

2. Help as activists to rejuvinate the population and redistribute wealth fairly by phasing out the current economic and healthcare systems and nation states which are pseudo-democratic and in fact controlled disproportionately by a capitalist elite. WNA will use the current pseudo-democratic political system to reform the government and constitution by mobilising the masses through local WNA collectives and if necessary forming a political party.

3. Use people power organising a non-cooperation, non-violent reform movement similar to those Gandhi used via WNA collectives set up in all communities across all racial, cultural and religious sectors to bring about change and to support reform of the system.

4. To support UOCA's aims and political goals. See the Thousand Year plan at http://uocap.blogspot.com/ Worldwide Network of Ascension (WNA)

5. To obey and promote UOCA's Communist Spiritual Manifesto's Ten Rights. See http://uocap.blogspot.com/ Worldwide Network of Ascension (WNA)

If you would like to form a WNA collective in your area:

1. You must be a member of UOCA and agree to follow its constitution and rules.
2. You will be provided with course information and training in UOCA methods.
3. You will be provided with marketing tools and advertising to promote UOCA.
4. You will be given support in the above via email and telephone.
5. You will be encouraged to attend training seminars.
6. You may also apply for financial and other assistance.

What you have to do first:

Please read about this organisation to ascend humanity, UOCA (Unification Organisation for Collective Ascension) and make a decision if it is what you believe in. Also see UOCA's TM magazine on human rights, environmental, religious and social issues. You may wish to contribute an article.

If it is right for you then
you may wish to join UOCA and form a WNA collective, email me telling a bit about yourself and why you wish to join and form a WNA collective. This will be sent to the members for approval. See UOCA Membership Conditions.

Worldwide Network of Ascension (WNA)


You may also be interested in other UOCA projects:-

Please email me if you would like to help create

1. UOCA's yoga ashrams - an ashram is being set up now - if you would like to live in this ashram contact us.

2. WNA collective in your area

3. Experischool - alternative yoga based school for educating children.

4. Project Eden - raw food community to transform the planet and our health system.

To access all information go to UOCA's index page (newsletter, education, diaries, film, stories, cv, business plan click here) See http://uocai.blogspot.com/.

with love

James Travers-Murison

LLB. BA. (Monash) Dip. FTW&P (Aus. Coll. Journ.) Grad. Dip. Ed. (Aus. Cath. Univ.) Cert. IV Small Bus. Manag.



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is the Unification Organisation of Collective Ascension (UOCA). It was founded by James Travers-Murison and is dedicated to ascending the human spirit and ultimately creating an utopia on this planet. This will be done holistically using yoga, meditation and diet. For further information email info@wna.org.au or go to http://uocah.blogspot.com or www.wna.org.au